What is JS Bin?

Understanding JS Bin


JS Bin is an open-source collaborative web development debugging tool. It was built by Remy Sharp and is completely open source.

What is JS Bin?

JS Bin is a web application specifically designed to help JavaScript and CSS developers test snippets of code, within some context, and debug the code collaboratively. JS Bin allows you to edit and test JavaScript and HTML. Reloading the URL also maintains the state of your code - new tabs doesn’t.

Key Features of JS Bin

  • Real-time code writing and saving
  • Real-time full preview rendering
  • Support for processors like coffee-script, LESS, Markdown, and Jade
  • Debugging of remote Ajax calls

The Tech Stack Behind JS Bin

JS Bin is written in JavaScript. The source code of JS Bin is available on GitHub and the jsbin module is available for Node.js.

The Evolution of JS Bin

  1. Version 1 of JS Bin was developed in 2008.
  2. Version 2 was rewritten from the ground up and is completely open source.


In conclusion, **JS Bin** is a tool that enables you to learn, experiment and teach using web technologies. It's a part of your tool chain to help you solve problems, explore technology and teach others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What languages does JS Bin support?

In addition to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, JS Bin also supports other languages like Markdown, Jade, and Sass.

Who built JS Bin?

JS Bin was built by Remy Sharp.

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