Ubuntu Linux: Facts You Need to Know

Ubuntu Linux: Facts You Need to Know


Ubuntu Linux is a free and open-source operating system that is based on the Debian Linux distribution. Ubuntu Linux is widely used for personal computers, servers, cloud computing, and other devices. Ubuntu Linux is known for its ease of use, security, stability, and community support. But what are some of the facts that make Ubuntu Linux stand out from other operating systems? Here are some of the facts you need to know about Ubuntu Linux.

What are some interesting facts about Ubuntu?

  • Ubuntu means “humanity to others” in the Zulu and Xhosa languages. The name reflects the philosophy of Ubuntu Linux, which is to provide an operating system that is accessible and beneficial to everyone.
  • Ubuntu Linux was founded by Mark Shuttleworth, a South African entrepreneur and philanthropist who became the first African in space in 2002. Shuttleworth created Ubuntu Linux with the vision of creating a high-quality and free operating system that can compete with Windows and Mac OS.
  • Ubuntu Linux releases a new version every six months, with a long-term support (LTS) version every two years. The LTS versions are supported for five years, while the regular versions are supported for nine months. Each version of Ubuntu Linux has a code name that consists of an adjective and an animal, both starting with the same letter. For example, the latest LTS version is Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa.
  • Ubuntu Linux has a mascot called Tux, which is a penguin wearing a red scarf. Tux is also the mascot of Linux in general, as it represents the characteristics of Linux: speed, power, and adaptability. Tux was created by Larry Ewing in 1996 using GIMP, a free image editing software.

What makes Ubuntu Linux unique?

  1. Ubuntu Linux is one of the most user-friendly operating systems, as it offers a simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that can be customized according to the user’s preferences. Ubuntu Linux also comes with a large number of pre-installed applications that cover various needs, such as web browsing, email, office suite, media player, and more.
  2. Ubuntu Linux is one of the most secure operating systems, as it has a built-in firewall and antivirus software that protect the system from malicious attacks. Ubuntu Linux also has a regular update system that ensures that the system is always up to date with the latest security patches and bug fixes.
  3. Ubuntu Linux is one of the most versatile operating systems, as it can run on various devices and platforms, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, servers, cloud computing, and more. Ubuntu Linux also supports a wide range of hardware and software components, such as printers, scanners, cameras, keyboards, mice, monitors, speakers, and more.

Why is Ubuntu Linux so famous?

Ubuntu Linux is so famous because it has many advantages over other operating systems, such as:

  • It is free and open-source, which means that anyone can download, use, modify, and distribute it without any restrictions or costs.
  • It is fast and reliable, which means that it can run smoothly and efficiently on any device without crashing or freezing.
  • It is supported by a large and active community of developers and users who contribute to its improvement and innovation.


Ubuntu Linux is one of the most popular and user-friendly operating systems in the world. It has many features and benefits that make it unique and interesting. If you want to experience Ubuntu Linux for yourself, you can download it from its official website or try it online. You can also join its community or read its documentation to learn more about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between Ubuntu and Linux?
  • Linux is the name of the kernel, which is the core component of an operating system that manages the communication between the hardware and the software. Ubuntu is one of the many operating systems that use Linux as their kernel. Other examples of Linux-based operating systems are Debian, Fedora, Mint, and more.

  • How do I install Ubuntu Linux on my computer?
  • There are different ways to install Ubuntu Linux on your computer, depending on your preferences and needs. You can install it alongside your existing operating system, such as Windows or Mac OS, using a dual-boot option. You can also replace your existing operating system with Ubuntu Linux, using a single-boot option. Alternatively, you can run Ubuntu Linux from a USB drive or a CD/DVD, without affecting your existing operating system, using a live option.

  • How do I use Ubuntu Linux?
  • Using Ubuntu Linux is easy and fun, as it has a simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that can be customized according to your preferences. You can access various applications and settings from the main menu, which is located at the top left corner of the screen. You can also use the search function, which is located at the top right corner of the screen, to find anything you need. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts, which are listed in the help section, to perform various tasks quickly and efficiently.

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