WhatsApp is developing a feature that will bring AI to chats

 WhatsApp is developing a feature that will bring AI to chats

Meta announces AI-powered chats coming soon to WhatsApp, personal assistants that will help you with everything you need

During the recent Meta Connect 2023 Conference, Mark Zuckerberg commented that they are experimenting with AI-powered chat systems to revolutionize user interaction, serving as intelligent assistants on WhatsApp as well as other platforms. These are a kind of artificially intelligent assistants known as artificial intelligence agents.

With these agents, Meta aims to change the way users communicate with their platforms. During the Connect 2023 conference, AI-powered chats and their integration into WhatsApp were demonstrated, offering a preview of how these agents will "reshape user experiences."

Meta has just announced a feature that will provide users with AI-powered chats and will be released in a future update of the application.

AI is coming soon to WhatsApp. As reported by WABetaInfo, these chat features will be available in WhatsApp very soon, allowing users to communicate with an advanced artificial intelligence agent, providing them with a completely new chat experience. The AI agent in WhatsApp will act as an assistant, helping users with their daily activities.

Currently, AI-powered chats on WhatsApp are not accessible to users as this feature is still in the development stage. However, Mark Zuckerberg announced that they will be launching several interactive AI agents sooner rather than later, with the possibility of introducing more agents in the future.

Mark Zuckerberg envisions a future where AI assistants play a crucial role in our lives. These intelligent agents will help us create better content, provide personalized advice, and serve customers on platforms like WhatsApp. Instead of relying on a single AI, Zuckerberg believes in fostering a diverse range of AI assistants, as people have different interests and needs.

Currently, the release dates for these AI chats are unknown, although it is understood that they will likely go through a beta phase. WhatsApp is also testing other significant changes, including a revamped user interface. Throughout the month of September, WhatsApp has announced many innovations, with these AI chats being the latest addition.

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