YouTube takes drastic measures: you will only be able to watch three videos if you use an ad blocker

YouTube, the most popular video platform, has decided to confront ad blockers and has implemented an experiment that limits access to content for users who use tools like Adblock. The result? Only 3 videos will be allowed to be viewed before the player is completely blocked. 

A clear message for ad-block users. Users of the r/YouTube subreddit were the first to report this new YouTube test. 

Some users have been surprised by a message that reads: "It looks like you might be using an ad blocker. The video playback will be stopped unless YouTube is on an approved list or unless the ad blocker is disabled." In addition, it emphasizes that ads are essential to keep YouTube free for billions of users worldwide. A YouTube spokesperson has confirmed to The Verge that they are conducting a "small global experiment". In this experiment, users with ad blockers are requested to disable them or subscribe to YouTube Premium. They explain that this extreme measure will only be implemented if users continue to ignore constant requests to allow ads on YouTube. 

A change in the monetization strategy. For YouTube, ads are their main source of income and allow them to offer free content to millions of users worldwide. With this experiment, they are sending a clear message that they will not tolerate the use of ad blockers and will seek to ensure the financial sustainability of the platform. The future of YouTube and ad blockers. This move by YouTube raises questions about the future of ad blockers and how users will respond to this restriction. In the meantime, it remains to be seen whether this measure will become a permanent policy or just a temporary experiment. 
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