Virgin Galactic's first commercial space flight accelerates the space race for billionaires

 British billionaire Richard Branson's company accomplished the feat in the VSS Unity spacecraft.

Richard Branson's company Virgin Galactic has launched the first commercial space flight in the history of the planet. The Galactic 01 mission completed a suborbital journey of approximately six minutes.

The three passengers aboard the VSS Unity spacecraft were two Italian Air Force officers and an engineer. Their journey aimed to collect biometric data and also conduct several experiments mixing elements under microgravity conditions.

According to the Virgin Galactic website, to secure a spot on one of these flights, a deposit of $150,000 must be made as a reservation fee, followed by an additional payment of $300,000.

The company plans to make a new trip in early August. If there are no issues, Virgin Galactic will conduct monthly tours starting from that date.

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