They will sell meat made from cultivated cells Will you eat it?

US companies Good Meat and Upside Foods have been granted permission to sell chicken meat made from cultivated cells. This is a significant development in Western agriculture, as announced by the companies after receiving approval from regulators from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). "This announcement that we can now produce and sell cultivated meat in the US is a significant moment for our company, the industry, and the food system," said Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Good Meat, a division of food technology. company Eat Just.

chicken meat

Since 2020, this type of product has been sold in Singapore. This company is the only one in the world that sells this type of product, which has been on the lists of high-end establishments since then. The California-based company has already started producing the first batch of cultivated chicken that will be sold to renowned humanitarian chef Jose Andrés, owner of a group that operates more than 30 restaurants across the US.

"This is a historic moment that will change the world and bring our vision of a more humane and sustainable future a little closer to reality," said Upside Foods. "We make meat directly from real animal cells, without the need to raise and slaughter billions of animals, and with this milestone, we have completed the regulatory process," they added.

According to the AP, there are currently "more than 150 companies worldwide focused on cultivated meat, not only chicken, but also pork, lamb, fish, and beef, which scientists say has the greatest impact on the environment."

Despite the approval, this type of product will not yet be available in US supermarkets. Sebastian Bohn, a specialist in cell-based foods at US company CRB, estimates that it could take between 7 and 10 years before it is available in grocery stores.

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