Mbappé breaks his silence: "I already said that I will stay at PSG..."

Minutes after 'Le Parisien' reported that the French striker was pushing to leave for Madrid immediately, he tweeted a devastating opening line: "Lies. Getting bigger and bigger... I am very happy at PSG."


Kylian Mbappé's last few hours could have been designed by a French playwright of the last century. The PSG striker, one day after sending a letter to the club informing them of his willingness not to renew with the Parisians, denied, after having previously issued a statement to AFP acknowledging that the club knew of his decision on July 15 of last year, Le Parisien's information that his desire was to sign for Real Madrid from this summer.

"Lies. Getting bigger and bigger. I had already said that I will continue next season at PSG, where I am very happy," Kylian Mbappé concluded on his Twitter account. The denial by the captain of the French national team has caused a stir in France, as it was initially assumed that his desire was to leave the club, especially after Qatar's decision to put him on the transfer list.

The next few days are anticipated to be decisive in determining who is bluffing in this poker game, in which no one dares to take a firm step in revealing their cards. According to L'Équipe, PSG, after being informed of Mbappé's decision not to extend his contract, is willing to accept a significant offer for their star, who consistently reiterates his desire to stay in Paris next season, as he did at the UNFP awards ceremony in May.

Contradictory information

Mbappé's reaction on his Twitter account came minutes after Le Parisien, a media outlet close to the Parisian club, reported that Kylian Mbappé only wants to play for Real Madrid, and from this summer. The capital newspaper reports that Benzema's departure to Saudi Arabia precipitated events, as the striker sees it as a unique opportunity to take the reins of Real Madrid's attack at this time.

PSG faces a very delicate situation, selling their best player, for whom they did the impossible to renew. As Le Parisien reports, the reigning Ligue 1 champions will not oppose a sale of the Bondy striker during the current summer transfer window, stating that "he has never been closer to leaving the French capital than he is now."

Kylian Mbappé is tired in Paris, a city where he has already achieved all his individual achievements and where he has not progressed as a player. On Tuesday, the captain of the French national team confirmed in a statement issued to AFP that PSG officials knew of his decision not to renew since July 15, 2022. The scenario is very different from 2021, as now the club is willing to sell him and will not oppose a good offer.

Mbappé's inner circle, according to Le Parisien, frequently acknowledged that the club was the "Prison Saint-Germain." The cases of Neymar, who was prevented from leaving for Barcelona in 2019, Verratti, who was not allowed to leave and then forced to apologize through a video on the club's official channel, or Cavani, banished by Leonardo and prevented from signing for Atlético Madrid, provoked anger in his closest circle, as the club in 2021 prevented him from fulfilling his desire to sign for Real Madrid.

The former Monaco player feels that in Paris, he can no longer progress as a footballer. Having achieved all his individual achievements, including overtaking Cavani as PSG's all-time top scorer, Mbappé feels that his time in Paris has come to an end and is looking for a new step in his extraordinary career. Now, the ball is in the court of Real Madrid and any other team willing to offer more than €100 million for one of the best players in the world, if not the best.

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