Black Bear Roaming Near the White House

In June, bears search for new territories; in this case, it may also be due to the wildfires in Canada.

Black Bear
Black Bear

The Metropolitan Police in Washington, United States (US), and animal control staff carried out an operation on Friday, June 9th, to protect a black bear that was roaming the streets of a neighborhood near the White House.

Univision reported that the Ursus americanus was captured after authorities shot it with a tranquilizer dart. The news outlet added that the bear will be sent to a "safe place for him and for the population," without specifying where.

On the morning of Friday, June 9th, TV stations showed footage of the bear resting on a tree branch near Franklin Street in the US capital.

FOX5 TV station shared a video showing the bear resting on a thick branch amid the smoke from the forest fires in Canada, which still affect the northeast US.

An Instagram user shared a video that shows the bear running across the street near the intersection of 14th and Monroe.

Police stopped traffic and pedestrians to capture the animal. Meanwhile, the Elsie Whitlow public school warned families about the bear's presence a few blocks away.

On Thursday, June 8th, another black bear was sighted in Hyattsville, Maryland, north of the District of Columbia, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources had reported the presence of one of these animals in Howard County on Tuesday.

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The American black bear is the most common ursid in North America, smaller than the polar bear and the brown bear and can weigh up to 280 kilograms in males and 180 kilograms in females.

The habitat of the black bear extends from Canada and Alaska to the plateaus in central Mexico.

According to the BearWise platform, in June bears of all ages search for new territories, food, and mating opportunities, and rarely become aggressive.

In this case, it may also be due to the wildfires in Canada.

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