Why are there 2 processors in a computer, a central processor and a graphics processor?

 Why are there 2 processors in a computer, a central processor and a graphics processor?

There are two processors in a computer, a central processor (CPU) and a graphics processor (GPU) because each processor has its own function and can handle different types of tasks with better efficiency.

The central processor is used to perform general arithmetic operations and control the flow of processes in the computer, and is responsible for running computer programs and basic applications, managing memory and storage, and communicating with external devices.

On the other hand, the graphics processor is used to handle operations related to graphics, images, videos, and games, and it accelerates the rendering of images, animations, and videos faster and more efficiently than the central processor. It is important to run games and 3D graphics applications smoothly and with high accuracy.

When the two processors are used together in an appropriate way, they can achieve better performance, save time and effort in executing tasks and running computing applications more efficiently.

The most important differences between the two therapists

There are several differences between the central and graphic processors, including:

1- Purpose: The central processor is used for general control of the computer and the operation of programs and applications, while the graphic processor is used to deal with graphics, images, videos and games.

2- Working frequency: The central processor often operates at a higher frequency than the graphics processor, because it needs to deal with general arithmetic operations faster, while the graphic processor focuses on dealing with graphics and images.

3- The number of cores: The central processor usually contains a few cores, but these cores are more powerful and have better processing, while the graphic processor usually contains a greater number of less powerful cores, but it can handle graphics-related tasks in an efficient manner. faster and more efficient.

4- Memory: The graphic processor usually contains memory dedicated to dealing with graphics and images, and this memory is faster and more efficient in dealing with these types of tasks, while the central processor uses random access memory (RAM) that is used to store temporary data while running programs and applications. .

5- Energy consumption: The central processor usually consumes a lot of energy and needs good cooling to run continuously, while the graphic processor consumes less energy and can run more efficiently.

6- Price: The central processor is usually more expensive than the graphics processor, because it is used in many basic computing tasks, while the graphic processor is cheaper and less expensive, and is mainly used in graphics and games.
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