What is a program Australian Survivor

 Australian Survivor is a reality TV show in which a group of people compete to be the sole survivor on a remote island. They are divided into tribes and subjected to physical, mental and social tests. One person is eliminated each week until one winner remains

What is the Australian program Survivor is an Australian program inspired by the American program Survivor and follows the same rules and principles.

The first season of Australian Survivor was shown in 2002 but it was not very popular. A new version of the program was launched in 2016 and has continued until now.

The program features Joathan LaPaglia, a famous Australian actor, as the presenter. He adds it to the participants

24 people from different professions and backgrounds participate in the season. They are divided into two or three tribes in some seasons. The name of the tribes changes according to the place or subject.

They are subject to a test that rewards them with food, shelter, or a restaurant. Also, they are subject to elimination tests that determine who will leave the program. Vote against each other in the vote.

The season lasts about 50 days on a remote island. The filming location changed several times from Australia to Sappor, Sam, Vig, Austoll (Australia).

The winner of a season receives A$500,000 and the title of "First Survivor".

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